Prep Day One


Dealing with as much data as we are attempting to, in such a small amount of time, was always going to be a big ask, especially working with people for whom the library systems are a completely new entity.

Solution: Prep-days.

For two days we have been working with our developers, introducing them to data, where this is stored (electronically) and how to move around and manipulate this. These days served as a trial run for the week, both in  terms of whether our data is actually useable and the logistics of the week. Within minutes problem one was identified: Henry’s (the location of the event) was too cold! – At least there was lots of tea, coffee and pastries to warm us up.

We spent the morning looking over the different library systems; listening to Frankie, one of our developers, about his work on a previous library project working on manitpulating digital data – ; and from this identifying a list of problems and tasks to fix before the week’s beginning:


We then spent the afternoon ( in the tropical climates of the hub) working on specific problems such as; finding the most commonly used nouns in a vast selection of digitised books identified by one of our researcher; and identifiying if there is a connection between alcoholism and the temperance movement.


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