Prep Day Two

default.jpgOur next prep day (again in the Hub) involved hearing from two library staff about projects they have undertaken using the library’s digital data:

Richard Aspin, head of research in the Wellcome Library, came to talk to us about his work on the Ticehurst collection, an archive of records from Ticehurst asylum and mental hospital dating from 1787-1975. He specifically discussed a project in which he documented the life of one patient, author and barrister Herman Charles Merivale (1839-1906) –

Deborah Leem from the Library’s digitisation team also came to talk to us about a project she is working on called ‘Smelly London’. This project investigates how smells are linked to the health and socio-economic identity of London streets by using the Medical Officer of Health Reports (MOH) in the library’s digital collection to map smells across London boroughs from 1848 – 1972 . Although the project is a work in progress, so far she has managed to produce a prototype map, showing bubbles of recorded smells separated into boroughs, take a look here:

Our Afternoon then consisted of working with these projects to identify challenges in the data sets, and solutions to solve these, specifically looking at how these could be solved both before and within data week. In fact, Frankie, one of our developers, become so enamoured with the Ticehurst collection that we have decided to give him and Richard their own project within data week. The only issue with this, we need more developers…



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