The Data

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Medical Officer of Health reports for London

The MOH reports were produced each year by the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of a district and set out the work done by his public health and sanitary officers on everything from food to housing and work.

Available to view on the website.

Chemist and Druggist journal

Chemist and Druggist is the leading trade journal for the pharmacy community in the UK. The historical issues offer fascinating content on professional practice, pharmaceuticals, commerce and therapies over a 150 year period.

Available to browse through the digital viewer.

Ticehurst House Hospital

Ticehurst House Hospital had a long history as an asylum and mental hospital in the south of England, from 1787-1975.  They include a remarkable series of casebooks with patients’ own drawings and writing, architectural plans and photographs, and staff records.

Available to view on the website.

UK Medical Heritage Library

Published works from the 19th century on health, medicine and related themes.

Available to view on Internet Archive and from the WL website.

Wellcome Images

Over 100,000 high resolution images including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements.

Available to view on the website.