Wellcome to Data Week, an exploration into the wonderfully wierd world of Wellcome Library’s digital catalogue.

Data Week will bring together a mutlidisciplinary group of reserachers, data wranglers and developers in a week long project to experiment and play with a selection of the Library’s digital data; from medical officer of health reports dating back more than 150 years, to over 3000 AIDS posters.

Throughout the week we will explore the novel forms of research and engagement that the digital can offer, and by the end, as well as some insight into working in small collaborative groups, we hope to have several prototype examples of how our digital data can be used in new and exciting ways


The experiemental nature of the projects provides us with few specific goals. However, we have identified five challenges based upon how we imagine the data can be used:


  • Image sorting e.g. finding advertisements
  • Statistical data clean-up e.g. MOH tables
  • Metadata


  • Changes over time and space e.g. MOH tables
  • Location specific content e.g. MOH reports, AIDS posters

Onward journeys:

  • From visualisation to research e.g. what do you do with an n-gram correlation?
  • From display to further discovery


  • Based on data analysis
  • Tracing a narrative in the archives e.g. Ticehurst

Making connections:

  • Between digital collections e.g. Ticehurst and 19th century mental health books
  • Connecting to social media/internet data e.g. Wellcome Weather

Ways of working:

  • Insights into the most effective ways of bringing different disciplines together
  •  Dividing labour within a collaborative project
  • Making the most of everyone’s expertise